JUSP: Payments Anywhere With the Italian Chip-And-Pin Card Reader

In a world going mobile, JUSP appeared right away as the right product at the right time. The Italian company, founded in November 2011 by Giuseppe Saponaro and Jacopo Vanetti, who were then just 25, is based in Sardinia, Milano and Singapore and started out thanks to the funding of a group of business angels, among which Stefano Calderano (JUSP’s CEO) and Paolo Guida (JUSP’s CFO), and to PoliHub, the business incubator of the Politecnico di Milano managed by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano that supports the growth of high-potential start-ups and the development of a strong network of start-uppers. JUSP’s business is based on a unique product: a chip-and-pin card reader with a chip that can be connected to any smart device through an audio jack or USB.

The original idea was to make a device that could read credit cards and enable mobile payments”, says co-founder Jacopo Vanetti. “Since everyone has a mobile device today we thought why not turn it into a credit card reader to enable payments on the go anytime. But now the idea has evolved into a complete platform that offers to merchants also Analytics and Marketing services to get new customers or improve their loyalty”.

The JUSP device is a small box with a pin pad on the front. You connect it with your iPhone Android or Windows device or tablet audio jack, insert a credit card into it and you can take payments almost anywhere. Transactions happen in seconds once merchants use the free JUSP app. JUSP then connects directly to the bank systems to complete the transaction using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi networks (it will support NFC in the future).

“With a lower price and a smaller transaction fee than other chip-and-pin mPOS products, the JUSP device is the only solution of its kind that connects directly into a smartphone or tablet audio jack”, points out co-founder Giuseppe Saponaro. “With JUSP, merchants have a device that is all in one and works with the highly secure credit and debit cards in use in all countries except for the US – but we are well positioned to enter the US market in 2015″.

At the moment JUSP has a start-up of 400 beta customers, but the chip-and-pin mPOS market is rapidly expanding and the Italian product is well on track to conquer European and emerging markets alike.

Mobile point of sale solutions are designed for small merchants, street vendors, or home-based businesses, the typical Italian customer base for a company like JUSP. “And of course we want to serve Italian professionals and SMEs but we see also a big enterprise market and are talking to companies with remote sales forces. We believe that in 5 years, 50% of POS will be mobile,” Vanetti says. Chances are a big chunk of them will be Italian machines.

Wireless Credit Card Reader Options

If you are a small business owner, you probably think you can’t afford a wireless credit card reader. Think again! You can process credit cards wirelessly by buying a unit priced from $75 to about $750.

With wireless credit card processing by reader, you can accept debit and credit cards for sales from trade shows, farmers’ markets, flea markets, county fairs, picnics, food carts, and other remote locations.

Cell Phone Processing

This solution is not an actual wireless credit card reader, but it is a way to process credit cards from anywhere you have cell service, using your cell phone. You pay a one-time fee of $75 to subscribe to the service, then a toll-free number to record every transaction. This is a great option for someone who is not sure they will benefit from a more costly wireless credit card reader, and they just want to try accepting credit cards from remote locations to see how profitable it will be for them. There is no additional equipment to install and no software to use.

Mobile Swipe Systems

With this wireless credit card reader, you attach a card reader to your Nextel cell phone to convert it into a card swipe. This is a much faster solution than cell phone processing, and swiping a card is much more accurate than punching in numbers with a keypad. The downside to this system is that you will still have to hand-write or print receipts with another device, but at a total cost of $200 to $250 and no software to install, this is not a problem for the most business owners.

Wireless Terminal Systems

This is the next step up in wireless credit card readers. Wireless terminals feature an external infrared display and an infrared mobile printer, so you don’t have to hand-write your receipts for credit card purchases. Long battery life means you can use the wireless terminal for up to 300 transactions per charge, and use the printer for one continuous hour of printing before you have to quick-change to another rechargeable battery. The purchase price for terminal plus printer is between $500 to $600 – surprisingly affordable!

Wireless Credit Card Reader Terminal And Printer

This top-of-the-line solution is the smallest handheld terminal available today. You get a small footprint, a large display and a fully integrated PIN pad and receipt printer. Swipe cards for speed and accuracy and watch your inventory disappear as you process sales with lightning-fast speed. At $700 to $750, this wireless credit card reader is likely to pay for itself in a few weeks.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Memory Card Reader

It’s very common for most portable electronic gadgets today to store data using a memory card. From digital cameras to mobile phones and game consoles, the memory card is a vital component these days.

This card comes in different types in terms of its physical size and storage size. The brands also vary. The popular types are the SD (secure digital), CF (compact flash) and the memory stick.

These memory cards are indeed important for storing images, videos and other kinds of data. But if you have different types of this, you will also need to have a reliable card reader. Having this device will let you transfer your data faster to your computer and share them online. Instead of connecting your digital camera and other gadgets to your computer one at a time for data transfer purposes, a card reader will help you accomplish your task at a faster pace.

They nowadays come in a variety of styles. You can choose to have a single-port type or one which can accommodate cards of different sizes. They are also very lightweight and small in size so you don’t need much space on your desk for this. In fact, you can bring it anywhere and work on your data together with your laptop in any place you feel like working.

If you’re into photography, one digital camera accessory that you must have is a good card reader. You don’t need to have a large budget because you can buy a cheap one today. However, you will just have to bear with some issues such as connection and the USB cable. Recommended by the experts are the Ge Jasho97930 Compact Flash/Microdrive reader, Zeikos memory stick reader and Digital Concepts SD/MMC reader.

For people who are particular about the speed of data transfer, you will have to find a more reliable memory card reader. Get one that utilizes Firewire 400 which is faster than USB2 or Firewire 800 especially if you’re using the high-end Digital SLR. Make sure, however, that your computer and your card supports this. Some of the faster card readers you can get are the Sandisk Extreme Firewire reader, Hoodman Raw Firewire 400/800 CF card reader or the Lexar CF Firewire 800 card reader.

If convenience is what you’re after and you’re utilizing different types of memory card formats for your digital cameras, then you should invest in a more versatile card reader. This is also best if you want to start a photo printing business.

A versatile one is the one that can accommodate any card. This will help you transfer images and other data in the most convenient way without having to connect your different device one after the other. If you’re looking for this type, you can consider the Kingston 19-in-1 USB 2.0 Flash memory card reader, Transcend 15-in-1 reader or the Digipower Bluetooth Adapter, USB Hub and card reader.

Choose wisely and according to your needs.